Brian Zeleniak - Scientist / Musician


Here are some old band videos and stuff...


Area 51

Area 51 was Wayne Zeleniak (rythym guitar + vocals) - John Reid (bass + vocals) - Mitch England (drums), Me (lead guitar + leadvocals). All music and lyrics written by Brian Zeleniak ©1991 - 2000

Area 51 Ride Your Slide


Serial Surgeon


Do You Remember Me

Blue Deville


Blue Deville - Lets Rock 1988 ©Brian Zeleniak, Joni Tomich, Chris Guida


Blue Deville - Cadillac Attack 2006


Instigator was a band with Me (lead guitar + lead vocals), Bishop Burt (bass + lead vocals), Jerry Baker (rythym guitar) and Kevin Merindino (drums). The band was around from late 1989 to 1991. We did shows with a ton of other bands like Quiot Riot, Cinderella and a buch of other "name" bands. Lots of fun.

Instigator - cover of Victim Of Change (©Judas Priest)


© Brian Zeleniak

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