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Here are some pics of bands from days gone by. I put these on here, because It's like a photo album for old friends.


BZ Age 11

Me playin in a bar (age 11)

Sniper 1


Sniper from Newspaper WAY BACK. Winner of 4 State Battle of the Bands

LOL - was wearing high top moccasins and whit pants - GEEK!


Sniper promo 84

 Sniper Promo Pic 83


Area 51 With Blue Oyster Cult 1997

Area 51 with Blue Oyster Cult 1997

Area 51 John Reid

Area 51 John Reid and Me

Area 51 Wayne Zeleniak

Area 51 Brother Wayne and Me

Blue Deville with Molly Hatchett 2008

Blue Deville with Molly Hatchet 2008

Blue Deville 1988

Blue Deville 2004

Blue Deville 2004 - CJ Burton (joined Air Supply shortly after this), Me, Bill Clayton Joni Tomich

Blue Deville 2005

Blue Deville 2005 - Joni Tomich, Me, Gordon Gardner, Bill Clayton

BZ Cindi Joey Lynn Turner

Joey Lynn Turner (lead singer for Deep Purple / Rainbow) Me, Cindi, Bill and Becky Clayton

Joni Tomich and BZ

Blue Deville - Joni Tomich and Me 1989

BZ and Chris Guida

Blue Deville - Chris Guida and Me 1988

BZ in 92

Somewhere in time...

© Brian Zeleniak

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