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I've written several apps over the years. I started out with iOS apps (for iPhone) in 2008. There have been so many major changes since then! When I wrote the first app there was only an iPhone and an iPod Touch. Now of course, there are tons of iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and other stuff.

The App Store only had 10000 or so apps back then. Now, there are millions!

I also have one app on Google Play for Android (Pain Relief 2.0) - a pain relief app. See it on the bottom of the page.

Here's an overview

For iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch


Chakra Pro


Chakra Pro - Chakra balancing and alignment app for balanced health, energy and life force.

Chakra Pro on iTunes

Pain Killer 2.0


Pain Killer 2.0 - Fast pain relief using special sound waves and frequencies. Put your headphones on and pain melts away in about 20 minutes.

Pain Killer 2.0 on iTunes

iRife Detox. Rife Frequencies Detox app


iRife Detox - Detox app that uses Rife Frequencies. Several types of detox including, chemtrail, liver and more.

iRife Detox on iTunes.

Depression ZX App


Depression ZX is for fast relief of depression and anxiety.


Apple Store

Chakra Pro


iRife Lyme is an app that covers problems associated with Lyme Disease. It uses Rife Frequencies. Really, it's a program that can be used for a lot of things from the flu to hangovers. Reports show that this has really helped those afflicted with Lyme Disease.

iRife Lyme on iTunes

Sleep App Zzz on iTunes


Sleep App Zzz is the perfect app for insomniacs (like me). This uses special frequencies that will make you sleep GREAT. Put your headphones on for about 20 minutes and you'll be out like a light.

Sleep App Zzz on iTunes

MediBeats Meditation Frequencies


MediBeats is the sister to Chakra Pro. It has all of the solfeggio frequencies and much more for deep meditation. There's an app bundle including the two in one package at a discount as well.

MediBeats on iTunes

Psychic Beats psychic enhancement


Psychic Beats is an app that improves intuition and psychic abilities. Some of the frequencies used in the app were used at Stanford University's Psy Research Program. It really works!

Psychic Beats on iTunes

Astral Dreams astral projection app


Astral Dreams is a Sleep, Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection app. It uses special frequencies to do all of these.

Astral Dreams on iTunes

Shaman Magic


Shaman Magic combines special drum beats with chakra frequencies to go into altered states of conscienceness. The drumbeats are all at the same frequencies (BPM) used by Shaman in different cultures around the world.

Shaman Magic on iTunes

For Android Phones and Tablets (Only one on Android right now...)

Pain relief 2.0 App


Pain Relief 2 is an Android App with special sound waves that reduce and stop pain aof all kinds.

Pain Relief 2.0 on Google Play

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