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The Music

Unless otherwise noted, the music here was written and recorded by me in my home studio. The music is in in sections, by genre. This varies from acoustic instrumentals to hard rock. Mellow stuff is on top of the page, hard rock at the bottom.

I've added a bunch of songs by request...Mostly in the Area 51 section.


Acoustic Instrumental


Uncertainty © Brian Zeleniak

Cordoba © Brian Zeleniak

Renaissance © Brian Zeleniak


Winds of Atlantis

Winds of Atlantis

Winds of Atlantis - Live at KPCW Radio Station (Left the DJ, Me and Gene Eskelson)

About Winds of Atlantis

Winds of Atlantis was a two piece instrumental acoustic project with Gene Eskelson and myself. He wrote the chord progressions that were sometimes songs all by themselves. I wrote the melodies to them. It was a great collaboration. We had about 50 songs we did together. Here are a few...


Lifetimes © Gene Eskelson & Brian Zeleniak

Shoreline © Gene Eskelson & Brian Zeleniak

Atlantis Maiden © Gene Eskelson & Brian Zeleniak

Three © Gene Eskelson & Brian Zeleniak

Tattered Sails © Gene Eskelson & Brian Zeleniak


Mixed Variety of Originals

These are a mixed bag of originals recorded at various times in the home studio. Cindi Zeleniak did the background vocals with me in I'll Be There.


Faded © Brian Zeleniak


Life Goes On © Brian Zeleniak


Long Road © Brian Zeleniak


I'll Be There © Brian Zeleniak


Finger Bum © Brian Zeleniak


Vegas Blues © Brian Zeleniak



Gravel was a fun band. We played around Vegas for a while between 2017 and 2021. We had originals and covers.

The band was Lisa Lightner (lead vocal), Chris Guida (drums + vocals), John Greco on bass and myself on guitar and vocals.

We also went through a few other drummers. Kevin Diaz and Pat Caruso were the most noted. We had another drummer for a while named Steve something or other.



Jack - Gravel original.


Placeholder imageSniper was a rock band that I was in from 1983 to 86. It was a great band and we lived on the road, all but about two weeks a year.

The 80s were magical times for the most part. There was no in between. The good times couldn't have been better and the bad times couldn't have got much worse.

Sniper was David Rockstead on lead vocals and bass, Dave Lutz on guitar and keys, Mike Harris on drums and me on lead guitar. Mark Harris was the sound man and Jim Welling was on lights.

I remade City of Rocks and sent it to Rocky before he died. He said he liked it, so I'll put it here for a while.



City of Rocks © David Rockstead


Blue Deville

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Blue Deville was a fun band. I was in it from around 88 to 90 and then again from 2003 to 2011. It went through a lot of personnel over the years.

The band pictured here was the original that the recordings were made with in 88.

Blue Deville was Joni Tomich (Lead vocals / Bass Guitar) Chris Guida (Drums + Vocals) Me (Lead Guitar + Vocals)

We had a keyboard player for a while named Brian Myers. Someone shot him dead in a pizza joint.

In the 2000s it was Bill Clayton on guitar with Joni, Gordon Gardner, CJ Burton. It switched out due to varying circumstances. CJ went to play with Air Supply. Bill went to jail for a while.

Alan tomich played harp and ran sound. Overall, it was Joni and I that hung with it the longest.

The songs below were from an 88 studio recording we did.

Cadillac Attack © Brian Zeleniak, Joni Tomich, Chris Guida

One Night © Brian Zeleniak, Joni Tomich, Chris Guida

BZ's Rock and Roll

Area 51

Placeholder image

Area 51 was an all original band, in which I wrote the songs. It was a project from 1993 until 1999.

The band was Me(Lead Vocals + Lead guitar) Wayne Zeleniak(Rythym Guitar + Vocals) John Reid(Bass + Vocals) Mitch England(Drums)

We did a 15 song CD and played around quite a bit. Warmed up for Blue Oyster Cult and did some really great shows. It was a good band and we had a lot of fun.

Mitch quit and that was pretty much the end of it. I didn't feel like starting over again. We all put a lot of effort into that band to get it where it was. The band fell apart, my personal life followed. Such is the life of a musician...

I met Howie Lindeman in the studio when we were recording. We've been friends ever since. Howie did the first mix on Area 51. I later screwed it up. Anyway, here's some Area 51.

What Comes Around © Brian Zeleniak

Do You Remember Me © Brian Zeleniak

Like Today © Brian Zeleniak

Read Between the Lines © Brian Zeleniak

The Alien © Brian Zeleniak


A Long Time Ago © Brian Zeleniak


Fly On (remixed) © Brian Zeleniak


Before We Had It All © Brian Zeleniak


Rock from the Whackamole Apartments CD

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Whackamole Apartments was a 10 song CD that I recorded in my old Sugarhouse studio in 2010. I did all of the vocals and instruments. Cindi Zeleniak had a couple of ideas for Illuminati which worked out well (the Air Raid siren and some lyrics). The motorcycle in front of Road Trip - I went to a bar across the street and nabbed that recording with an H4 handheld.

I recorded Down On My Luck a couple of years ago in my Vegas studio. I threw it in here just because...

Down On My Luck was actually a song that I wrote that we played in Area 51. It was never recorded back then, because it was one of the later songs.

I'd like to say there was a motivation behind Whackamole Apartments, but there wasn't. At the time, it was just a few ideas I had rolling around in my head or came up with when I was the Product Development Specialist for Harman Music and Digitech.



Illuminati © Brian Zeleniak

Road Trip © Brian Zeleniak

Down On My Luck © Brian Zeleniak


Don't Stop Rockin © Brian Zeleniak


Frustration © Brian Zeleniak


STUPID Songs...

Drunk and Ugly © Brian Zeleniak


Blackout Blues © Brian Zeleniak


© Brian Zeleniak

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