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Thoughts? Are they yours? Not always...It depends on who you are around. Humans that are connected, truly connected on several levels, may be thinking the thoughts of the other person and assuming that they are their own. If you are ever lucky enough to be around someone that close, may be surprised!

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

The Titanic Was NO Accident...

The Titanic had a whole bunch of "special guests" on it. Big money. More importantly big AMERICAN money. The so called "elites" called it NEW money. Like theirs is so much better.

The chances of the Titanic hitting an iceberg, with the best crew on the seas at the time was slim to none. This is another World Trade Center type mystery (which is really no mystery). Why? Nothing added up about the whole Titanic incident, except for a couple of things.

  1. The New Money Americans that went down on the Titanic were blocking the Federal Reserve from taking over the United States
  2. A few months after the ship went down, the infamous meeting on Jekyll Island took place, the Federal Reserve was created and Old money took over America. It's been downhill ever since.


Humans the Virus?

Several years ago I was thinking about origins of humans. Darwin's theory never cut it for me. If we decended from apes, why are apes still here? Next thing you know, here comes all of these thoughts. Weird ones. They didn't trickle in. It was WHAM.

Is it possible? Quantum Physics is proving the most intelligent of humans wrong every day.

Keep in mind, this is not a belief, only thoughts, theories and possibilities.

So here it is...

Mars was a thriving planet at one time. There were 15 highly intelligent races that lived there. The planet had water and an atmosphere, similar to Earth. This correlates to some of NASA's photos taken in the 80s of ancient canals on the planet. There are also photos of pyramids on Mars. That will tie in later.

Much like what we do now though, there were endless wars on Mars. Two of the original races were wiped out in nuclear events. The nuclear destruction became a problem for the entire planet. They were losing their atmosphere. They were intelligent. They had solutions. They built pyramids to restore the atmosphere, because that is the true purpose of pyramids to begin with. The internal chambers work in conjunction with water. Their alignment within the solar system is crucial. More on that later...

The pyramids were working to a degree, but there were other problems, like radiation, from the wars. Mars itself was dying, because the population had sucked all of the life blood (OIL) from the planet.

So, a counsel was formed and it was decided by the 13 remaining races that in order to survive, they had to migrate to the Earth, which seemed the most logical place to inhabit. Problem was, the Earth was not atmosphere or alien ready. There were big creatures living on the planet (dinosaurs) that posed an impossible threat, even to the race known as the Giants.

Giants were incredibly docile beings. Kind by nature and useful to the other races. True, they snacked on many of the beings there from time to time, but for the most part they stayed in line. They hated the idea of being alone. There were'nt many of them left. Food was a problem and breeding another. A typical pregnancy would last 3 1/2 of our Earth years and their life spans were only 32 Earth years on average.

The Plan - The Moon

The one place that was agreed that bases could be set up for survival was on the dark side of the moon...underground. (Note: There are NASA photos that do indeed verify this today). These bases still exist and are active. Our moon expeditions came to an abrupt halt, because we were warned..."DON'T COME BACK". The bases were set up and the task of making the Earth an inhabitable place was the next order.

Through the manipulation of the Earth's magnetic field, an ice age was created to rid the planet of the dinosaurs. Yet, it was controlled to keep the bipedal inhabitants alive. These were Neanderthals and also what we call cavemen that existed at the time. They were kept around for the next part of the great migration. Breeding...

In order for the human races to survive on Earth, it was necessary to breed with the locals. Now these stories are riddled throughout ancient texts. The Bible called them Nephalim. Others called them Annanakai. No matter what side of the planet these stories originated from,dating back to the original Sumerian tablets, the similarities are astonishing.

Once the dinosaurs were eliminated, new pyramids were built on merridian lines to modify the atmosphere. As we know today, even though there was apparently no connection between the pyramid builders in South America and those in Egypt, they have the exact same bearings in conjunction with the solar system to the INCH. The bearings seem to be associated with Orion. The pyramids were built by the Giants. When activated with water, they created the necessary ozone and atmospheric conditions necessary for the continuation of the races.

Now, there are carvings from these times of space ships and flying machines. They are speckled all over the archeologic ruins around the globe. Indeed, flight was necessary to make the necessary changes to the planet.

The Plan

Breeding and genetic modification was necessary. The 13 remaining races would breed or in some cases just genetically modify the existing Earth inhabitants to continue the Mars beings (humans) as new dwellers here. This "Great Experiment" would be constantly monitored from the Counsel (Watchers) on the Moon bases and it still is being monitored today.

It was a perfect plan in a sense. The dumbing down of the new races, because of the low intellect Earth beings would be very convenient to survival. After all, it was the advancement of intelligence that led to the nuclear destruction of Mars. We didn't really want that to happen again. Or did we?

Certain events had to occur. The new humans had to be split up and divided into sections. Races were all split and separated into different regions of the planet. These are referred to the 12 Tribes in ancient texts. Each would retain their own languages. (The TOWER of BABEL). The language barriers and separations were necessary to prevent communication, which would (and did) eventually lead to wars again.

Religions were introduced and customized specific to the separate tribes to maintain order. Make no mistake about this. There IS a living God and that God dwells in EVERY single one of us. That part of the Universe goes beyond all knowledge of any intervention.

Wait though...what happened to the 13th race - the Giants?

It was unknown at the time what would happen when the Giants breeded with the cave dwelling Earth inhabitants. It wasn't good. They became highly aggressive and developed a deep appetite for the other smaller new races. So through careful planning they were basically herded to specific areas and had to be eliminated. This was done through weather manipulation, which caused massive flooding. This was mentioned in Sumerian texts and the Bible as the story of Noah's Ark.

There are a few of the Giant / Neanderthal breed that escaped underground and still live there today. They are known by different names in different regions. Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti etc...They are highly intelligent and retain much of the knowledge of the Ancients. They know that we are monitored and they will not interact or interfere with the Great Experiment, lest they would be rapidly eliminated by the Watchers.

For thousands of years, we've been controlled by certain bloodlines to keep us in control. They were originally the Pharaohs.

Well, that's it. Our not so humble beginnings. The rest is interpreted (or misinterpreted) in history books.

We've evolved and were further modified genetically prior to the Industrial Revolution and again in 1946. We now are approaching the point where we are about to do the same thing we did on Mars. We've been bleeding the Earth of it's life blood (oil) and we have nuclear capabilities and use them already. This new genetically insterted knowledge has only been around in us for about 116 years. Proir to that we were still using wooden wheels.

Why the genetic modification? It makes me wonder about my brother's reasoning about humans being nothing but a virus. The Earth, Mars and all of the solar systems are just part of another larger organism. Are we just invaders and destroyers of these tiny living cells known to us as planets?



What's next? As you see, my mind goes on many journeys. I'll be back here soon...


© Brian Zeleniak

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