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Welcome To BZSounds

I'm a musician / mad scientist. I think I may be a geek. I'm from a generation where being "cool" was the thing. I thought I was cool back in the day, but as I look back on life...nope, I missed the "cool" factor somehow. Always been a geek...darn.

I've made this site as a passive hobby. It has my apps, some original music, pics and a few videos. I'm currently, writing new apps. I have new original songs to record, but that may not happen until spring.

I'm not big on the social media scene, because being somewhat retro minded - a website is better for me. I stay busy and find social media can be somewhat distracting. Some people I know are so into it, they seem to lose track of reality. Not necessarily a bad's a choice.

Much of what is seen is the result of mass conscienceness. Our own minds control, manipulate and filter that info into a personal realm.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the site :-)



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