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If you've never been here before, This site has some original music, apps, pics and a few videos.

I don't do social media, so for some reason I keep this site out here. On November 14th I added a couple of my rusty old originals to the music page, because the site hasn't been updated in ages. Life Goes On and Vegas Blues.

What's been up?

Joined a band called Gravel. You can see it on Facebook under Gravel Band. So far, it's just cover tunes, but it holds promise.

Someone asked why I changed my picture on the pages here. Mainly, because it's interesting looking back in time and more relevant - to have time looking back at me. Gone forever...yes, but those were happy days.

I was planning to have one of the books I was writing done by Halloween. It was a book of scary short stories. As I was writing it, I realized that it was REALLY scary and dark. I stopped writing it, because there's too much darkness in the world already right now. Don't need any more of it.


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