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Welcome To BZSounds

I'm a musician, electronics engineer and computer programmer. I've made this site as a passive hobby. It has my apps, some original music, pics and a few videos. Currently, I'm updating apps and writing new apps. I have new original songs to record, but that may not happen until spring of 2017, because app updates are first in line.

I'm not big on the social media scene, because being somewhat retro minded, a website is better for me. I also stay busy and find it can be somewhat distracting. Some people I know are so into it, they seem to lose track of reality. It's a choice.

Much of what is seen is the result of mass conscienceness. Our own minds control, manipulate and filter that info on a personal realm.

What's Up Lately?

So I was testing the latest app creation Sleep App Zzz and ran across something really strange with the Zzzz Preset. I've been experimenting with scalar waves for years. This particular preset uses them for insomnia and pain. Scalar waves are very contoversial. They create "Zero Point" energy. People use them for Radionics and intention experiments, as well as other strange things.

So after running this preset for a few minutes I started hearing different things subtly in the background. At first I thought, damn - audio artifacts. I'm going to have to redo the waveforms. Then, I started hearing different things at random. I did a frequency analysis on the waveforms and there were no artifacts. I couldn't stay awake long enough to figure it out, because the preset puts you to sleep, as it is supposed to.

I tested it again and again and every time, I was hearing something new in the background. Are these sounds from another dimension? If you get the app, you can decide for yourself, if you can stay awake long enough...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the site :-)



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